Friday, June 10, 2011

My new "Balenciaga" bag :) Very Pic Heavy!

You guys may remember my post of that balenciaga look-a-like bag I found on Shopsuey is featured in a lot of magazines (especially the People Style Watch mags) for their look-a-like items. They carry bags, sunglasses and other accessories. Well, I ended up purchasing this bag below and it just came in yesterday!

 As I mentioned before, I don't like knock off things, especially bags b/c I think the fakes look really cheap and I also think it's kind of tacky to tote around a bag that is obviously a fake (i.e the Coach bags with O's instead of C's). Now no offense to anyone who owns a knock off, god knows I've owned one or two in the past. However, I think most of the population probably can't afford to pay $2,000 for a bag and honestly, unless I'm a millionaire I wouldn't spend that much on a bag anyway. So, In the name of "research" I thought I wouldn't be doing my readers justice unless I investigated the quality of this knock off and see if it delivers :) Like how I rationalize it? haha

I didn't have on any makeup and my hair was a mess so I figured I would spare you my face pics lol

The bag appears to be well made and the material used doesn't feel cheap. For all the metal hardware on it it's quite lightweight. The zippers open and close easily. However, I do believe that the handles on the real Balenciaga are a little shorter than these handles. Before purchasing this one, I did some research to see if they had better or more realistic fakes. I did find some really good ones that retailed from $195 to $285 that were genuine leather, but I can't bring myself to spend that kind of money on something that I KNOW is a fake; so I decided to take the cheap route and if I hated the bag then I'm only out of $39.

The zipper here looks like it's messed up, but that's only the light reflecting on it

When I purchased this, it said that delivery time takes between 2-7 business days.  On the 6th business day and still no bag I got a little antsy and emailed the company to see the status of it (I wasn't able to track it online) I never got a response back and it arrived on the 8th business day. So I wasn't really impressed with the customer service. I've order things off of eBay that were only $3 bucks and received an answer to my question. It's not really a big deal I guess considering my bag arrived in perfect condition, but I'm all about good customer service especially when your dealing with an online company. 

Ok, on to the bag =D. I'm actually really impressed with it! For $39 (S&H included) I don't think you can expect a more realistic looking knock-off. I guess the real test will be how it holds up with daily use. Although it's not something I plan on using everyday. I may eventually decide to get the black one off their website too. That one is a little more pricey at $58 + shipping. I would definitely check them out if your looking for replicas at an affordable price. I just got an email from them that everything on their website is 50% off. Use code: summer50.

What do you guys think? Do you own any replica bags? How do you think this one compares to the real Balenciaga?

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with shopsuey nor was I contacted by them to do a review. I purchased the bag with my own money and these are all my own honest opinions.

EDIT 11/15/11: I've been using this bag pretty often for about 5 months now and the piece inside the handle strap broke. You can't tell when the bag is on and it doesn't make it uncomfortable in any way, but when I sit the bag down you can tell that the piece inside is broken. I'm not even hard on my bags so this was pretty surprising. 


D.Sadie (D.G.S.Beauty) said...

Haha, nice! I could never tell it was a knock off if you didn't tell us.


Sisters and Sisters said...

love your blog its so amazing,

nice work !

do you wanne follow us than we can follow you back

For The Fierce said...

reguardless of the brand, this purse is still nice, loving the pink!


| C AND C | Sarmin said...

Knocksoffs hurt me, however since no where on the bag is their a Balenciaga logo, its not a knockoff to me, it just looks like one, a really good one. I need to checkout out this website.


mirel said...

Balenciaga cantalari cok seviyorum! verdigin linke girdim ama kalmamis maalesef:( bende biraz gec gordum zaten:D
seni followluyorum:) istersen sende beni followlaa:)

Anonymous said...

Do you remember the name of the bag from the website?

MaviDeniz said...


Sorry, it doesn't look like they have that one anymore.

analisa jain said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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