Thursday, June 30, 2011

June in Pictures

I thought it would be fun to do an end of the month blog posting of pics taken with my camera phone to sum up each month. 

Outside of Harrah's casino in N.O

Bacardi (a.k.a - fat boy weenie), pooped after chasing the ball outside. 

An abstract painting I did for the guest bathroom

Authentic mexican grilled burittos at my favorite mexican resturant, El Paso.

A huge ass spider I saw in the bushes at the mall! Someone later told me it was a banana spider.

A typical Turkish style meal. Humus, pita, Turkish salad and cacik (pronounced: jajik).

This was so cute! he was just sitting on my dad's lap and he put himself in that "driving" positing all by himself, had to snap a pic of that!

I took this pic as I was coming down the bridge it looked even more beautiful in person. 

I've been wearing these Giani Bini lace up ankle sandals a lot lately. Love them!

Spent the day downtown and went to the Riverwalk. Forgot to take a pic of the begniets at Cafe Du Monde though :( 

I never knew Rockstar and Monster had coffee energy drinks. They were really good, especially the Rockstar.

My favorite food ever! I always get the same thing, tuna avocado and Salmon avocado rolls.

Volcano roll, it's basically a crunch roll with avocado slices and spicy tuna on top with spicy mayo. Yum!

Some friends and I at a house party.

I wanted a pool just to go tanning in. It's 10 feet wide and 30in deep. It's basically a large ass hot tub; at least that's what Jason and I refer to it as hehe. I actually prefer this over a larger pool because I can just sit in it and the water comes up to my shoulders :)

I took this pic when I was totally wasted on Bourbon st so it's really blurry haha. I absolutely loooove this painting though, it actually looks like there are lights built into the painting, and I love the beautiful glow on the buildings. 

I saw this butterfly on the ground by my work. I thought it was dead, but it flew away when I touched it. 

Some friends and I went to Zea's for lunch and drinks. I had a Bloody Mary, one of my favorite drinks day or night. Only if it's made with Zing Zang mix though! I'm sure bloody mary drinkers will agree w/ me on this one. 

This is the photo I submitted to the Nivea UK photo contest. I actually won but was later disqualified b/c I'm not a UK resident (i should have read the fine print lol). They emailed me and told me that I was still the winner of that day but wasn't eligible for prizes and instead they would send me a goody bag of products as a show of goodwill. Sweet! When the package comes in I'll do a post. 

What were some of your highlights in the month of June?


Natalie said...

AWesome post! Love the idea!!

Thanks for sharing.


Miranda said...

love all the pictures, well except for the spider one because they scare the crap outta me! Oh and now I want some sushi cause of you pic. Love that stuff!!

Segments of Life said...

what a great idea...really enjoyed the pics, got a sense of what a fun-filled month you had. and your dog is sooo adorable!

Kim Axani said...

This is a great idea for a post. I've done the same thing a couple times. When I'm out and about I'll snap pics here and there, but not enough to write a whole post about, so it's good to group them all together!
I love Turkish and other medditeranean (sp?) type foods! Always so fresh and healthy tasting. Are you Turkish?

Samm said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Olivia said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog!
I really like your blog too, I'm following now!

Too bad about the Nivea photo competition, at least they're giving you something!

Gaby Fauchon said...

Oh you are also doing your month in pictures, yey! That last pictures is gorgeous (:

Metisse said...

My June Highlights? Graduating that's about it, hitting the books was all I remember besides that ;)

Thanks for sharing!

Dre said...

volcano rolls = yum! I love ur blog and I love this idea!

Haze said...

So much yummy food. I love the pic of your dog driving!


Phuong said...

the last photo is lovely!

Travel in Style

Marjo on makeup frenzy said...

Great idea for a post! :) I love your dog, he looks so cute :)

Lindsay said...

Yeah, he put rose petals EVERYWHERE! I love those Giana Bini lace-ups, very cute!

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