Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Purchases

 I put myself on a strict no dress buy rule, but when I saw this at TjMaxx for $20 I couldn't resist. Panel dresses are so hot right now and this dress fits like a dream. I love how the sides look leather, it gives it that edginess I can't wait to pair it with gold accessories. 

I got this after sun moisturizer for my cruise that's coming up next month. I love the the golden shimmer to it. The swatch at the bottom of my hand is heavily applied and then I blended it out above it. I think this lotion would also work great for a night out when you just want some shimmer on your legs. I plan on using it for that too. 

VS goodies and Lacoste perfume. Touch of pink smells great. It's going to be my everyday causal fragrance.  The shimmery spray is scented just like the Heavenly perfume. This was actually a gift from a friend who knows I have a thing for shimmery things like this. I may bring this on my cruise too. 

This is what the shimmer looks like. 

I picked this up at Walmart on impulse. It kinda reminds me of the Clinique product. I think it's called chubby stick or something. Anyway, I didn't really care for this. It was pretty drying on my lips and the color didn't work for me either. 

I got this jewelry over the course of a month. The necklace and bow tie earrings are from F21. The white earrings are from eBay and the Swarovski crystal earrings I've had for a few months already. 

I haven't really talked much about my cruise so for those who don't know. I'm going to Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel for 7 days at the end of February. Now would definitely be a good time to get that camera off my wishlist. I'm just waiting for the price to go down a little more =/

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Stick on Nails ~ Review

Hi lovelies, I've been wanting to try out those sticker nails that have been pretty popular lately. I got this one from eBay for about $1.90 including shipping. 

They were really easy to apply, but on some of them it was hard to get the clear plastic coating off and when I would try to remove it it would start to tear at the nail sticker. Another negative I noticed is that it's pretty much impossible to not get at least a slight crease in the sticker as it conforms to your nail. Since the design I picked out it really elaborate you can't really tell unless you look closely but had it have been a more solid type design or color, then I think you would definitely be able to tell. 

The packaging says that it lasts 7 days. Lies! Mine started chipping within 24 hours and I even used my Seche Vite top coat. I also don't do any manual labor what so ever and I use gloves when I do the dishes. I still got chipping. 

This is day one through 4. As you can see it doesn't last anywhere near the 7 days it says. I took them off after 4 days even though they clearly needed to be removed sooner lol. To take them off I just pealed it off like a sticker. It came off pretty easily and in chunks but it did leave behind a sticky film, nothing that a little soap and water didn't fix. 

So, would I by these again? Definitely not, if they lasted a good 2 days without chipping then I would because I hate applying and re-applying nail polish but since regular polish chips just as fast on me I think I'll just stick to your standard bottle of polish.

Have you tried these before? Is there a good brand out there that doesn't chip as fast?

Friday, January 18, 2013


I'm on Instagram now and it's quickly becoming one of my favorite things to do on my phone. Before instagram I was obsessed with Pinterest and before that was Angry Birds lol. I go through phases. Anyway, check me out here.

Are you on Instagram? Let me know your name below and i'll check you out. 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Kakkoii ~ OOTN

So yay! I finally got to wear my new boots I got for Christmas to a friend's birthday party, I paired them with some leggings, a button down shirt and my fur vest. 
We went out to eat at this amazing new sushi restaurant in the city called Kakkoii.
The sushi at Kakkoii was amazing and the atmosphere is so cool. The later it gets in the evening, the louder and more "club like" the music gets. Jason and I got the crunchy, salmon avocado,  tuna and dynamite rolls. 
The fish taco's were delicious too. There were 3 of them, but I remembered to take the pic after I had already eaten 2 lol. They were just too yummy.

What did you guys do this past weekend?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013 Wishlist

So this year a have a modest wishlist.

#1 Canon SX260. It's got 20x optical zoom and takes amazing pictures. A friend of mine has this camera and her pictures in low light (or any light) always come out perfect. I currently use either my phone or my Nikon which is like 5 years old and it takes horrible pics, especially at night.

#2 Chanel Loose Powder. I want this to set my makeup. I've been back and forth between getting this one or the Laura Mercier powder, but I don't have anything by Chanel and this powder got better reviews so I'm going for this one. (Share your thoughts if you tried either one!)

#3 Michael Kors Leg Sheen. I heard it smells really good, but I want it because it's supposed to give your legs a nice glowy sheen and make then look more tanned and toned. This would be perfect to take on my cruise in February.

#4 YSL Parisienne Perfume. I just got Jimmy Choo's fragrance for Christmas, but this is another one I've been having my eye on lately. Flowerbomb is another one I really would like, but this one is cheaper. 

#5 Nars Albatross Highlighter. So this is supposed to be the best highlighter out there. I saw swatches and I think I may agree. Kim K looks amazing in it and I like how it has a slight gold sheen to it. My current highlighter is MAC's Silver Dusk.

#6 Michael Kors Handbag. I really want this one or the white one. It looks like the LV speedy, but way more affordable.

#7 Bar Cart. I've been wanting a bar cart for so long! I would seriously get rid of my dinner table in exchange for a bar cart, I could eat at the coffee table lol. There's just something about a bar cart that looks so cool and elegant, like your ready for a party at anytime. 

What's on your 2012 wishlist? Do you have any of these items?

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Splurge VS Steal - Givenchy Antigona Sachel Bag

I'm in love with Givenchy's Antigona bag. It's such a classic that I'm sure will serve you well for years to come without being out of date. Unfortunately it comes with a huge price tag, but I found a similar bag for less on eBay.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

NYE Shenanigans

So my NYE didn't go quite as planned. I went to a house party and had way too much to drink so I don't even remember the club night of it, I fell way too many times cause I have bruises all over and I somehow managed to lose the back of my phone lol. So embarrassing and definitely not cute, I will never drink straight shots again!
 Also, Jason told me that the bouncer was giving me a hard time getting into the club. Apparently, there was this underage girl that looked just like me that kept trying to get in, so when I went to get in they thought I was her and trying to use a fake id. Jason said they actually handed my id to the cop so that he could scan it to see if it was real! How crazy is that? But I'm flattered that they thought I could be underage. I wish lol

Shot like 9? 

Yup, I was done

Stripper pole at the house party

At some point in the night I fell and busted my knee, like blood dripping down my leg and all. This is the bruise the day after. 

Here I am outside the club sitting on a cop car. Yeah, it was that kind of night. I needed to add a censor bar to this pic lol. How I actually managed to not get arrested is beyond me. 

  Dress: Forever21

How was your NYE?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

December in Pics

Our new addition, Binx. Did I tell you guys that I guessed his breed right? He's half yorkie and half miniature schnauzer. So he's a snorkie. I don't think he's a pure 50/50 mix but he's just Presh!

I was really late to discover that my phone has a forward facing camera, so I did what anyone else would do. Take some cheeseball pics haha.l

Mmm, Drago's is THE place to go if you want the best Charbroiled oysters in the city. Their Chocolate martinis are really good too. We met up with some friends to do a little bowling afterwards. Out of 6 of us I won :)

Jason got us some basketball tickets from his work. They are always really good seats so we went, but they Hornets ended up losing. They've had a horrible season.

My fat boy Bacardi. Love the pic with his little tongue sticking out a little.

We checked out this new Mexican restaurant called Coyote Blues. The food looked better than it tasted, but the margaritas were good.

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