Monday, October 10, 2016

Review - Just Natural Body Nutritive Serum

What the website saysThis nutritive tanning support serum is a light weight, easily absorbed blend of vitamins and antioxidant rich oils, extracts, and essentials that deeply penetrate to deliver nutrients to feed, protect and support your skin for a long lasting tan. These oils have soothing properties that 

moisturize, but also help develop that golden, sun 
kissed tan you are looking for. 
This mixture of 13 different types of oils may also 
improve your skin’s elasticity and neutralize skin 2
imbalances. This formula is the best nutritive 
support for tanning proposes. $26.99

Review: I'm a big fan of body oils, I've been using pure coconut oil for the longest time when I felt like I wasn't getting enough moisturization (is that a word? lol) from my regular body lotion. I've decided to give the Body Nutritive Serum a try after seeing it all over Pinterest. They had these dark gorgeous tans that looked glowy. I have to admit that I didn't try this for tanning purposes, I bought it to use as an after shower moisturizer. It's fantastic for that, but it does sit on the skin and feel oily for quite some time after you apply. That doesn't bother me though, because I love this oily stuff. I'm a freak about having dry skin. I hate that uncomfortable tight feeling. Anyway, I've even used this on my face and haven't had a problem (although I don't have sensitive or acne prone skin). No breakouts or blemishes.

 I like using this when my skin is feeling extra dry so I don't use this on a daily basis and a little bit goes a long way so the bottle will last me a while. I would eventually like to try this as a tanning product, A friend of mine said she loves to use it for that purpose and she never burns either. It does have a strong smell to it which doesn't bother me but those who don't like fragrant oils might not like it too much. The scent is hard to place, but I would say it smells wood-sy and herbal. I rather enjoy the scent. Overall I think it's a great product that does what it says. It's a little pricey, but the website has a news letter that you can join and sometimes they have discounts.

Have you tried this for tanning? Leave your thoughts below 
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