Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Party Time

This past Saturday we went to a friend's birthday party. Which then turned into one of the 4 am binge fest and dancing nights lol. Are those random nights the best?  
I wore These cut off shorts from American Eagle, they are seriously my favorite brand of shorts, they just fit perfectly. The top is from Tj Maxx, sunnies were purchased online and the necklace is the Dash layering chain from my shop.

The girls! The wedges I got from Dillards last season and the brand is Reba. 
Did you guys notice that I cut my hair? I just hope I won't be too lazy to not keep up with it. I swear, the only reason my hair was long was because I was too lazy to get regular cuts. I would get my hair cut once a year if that lol. I'm loving this length though, I also had it lightened up a bit. I wore my hair black for year because I loved how shiny it made my hair look, but I needed a change. 
My song came on, now whatch me whip! lol

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