Sunday, August 20, 2017

Origins GinZing - Review

Legend has it that coffee beans were discovered by an Ethiopian shepherd who found his goats dancing joyously around a leafy shrub with bright red cherries. When he tried the beans himself, he quickly experienced their powerful euphoric effect. Blended into Origins GinZing™ energizers, coffee bean actually helps wake up, refresh, and restore radiance to dreary skin. *Origins*
I was lucky enough to try out these complimentary products for testing purposes. First I'll start with the fragrance, these all do have a citrusy sent to them, those who are sensitive to smells might find it a bit much, especially with the cleanser. However the scent does not linger and I find the scent to be quite energizing and refreshing. The scrub is gentle yet effective and I love using it in the morning, to prep my skin for skincare.

First I go in with the eye cream, I pat in on and are the eye area and give it a couple minutes to soak in. The color of the eye cream surprised me when I first opened it and I though that it may be a tinted eye cream. It's more transparent that it looks, but it does give just the slightest bit of color to wake up the eye area. My eyes can be sensitive sometimes and I thought that it may be slightly irritating, but I got the eye cream on my lower lashes by accident and i had no issues whatsoever. 

This face cream is the true star of the three, I didn't think a gel face cream could be so hydrating. Again, the scent is refreshing and citrusy. One of the best things I noticed with this cream is how amazing my makeup glided on afterwards. I always worry about pilling with certain face creams, but there were no issues with this one. My skin felt nicely hydrated and comfortable and my makeup looked great for hours afterwards. 

Check out my 3 min Youtube review here

Have you tried anything from the Origins GinZing line?
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