Saturday, September 6, 2014

Splurge VS Steal - Valentino Studded Tote

We all know the gorgeous Valentino studded tote bag that retails around $1,995. It's a gorgeous bag that comes in a few different styles, but not many of us can afford that price tag. 
 I was super excited to see a close dupe at TjMaxx for only $29.00! It appeared to be quite well made too for that price point. I absolutly love TjMaxx, they have great brand name items for less so I shop there quite often. Last time I was there a saw a bunch of Kate spade wallets and purses :)  Now if I can only find a good dupe for the Valentino studded flats I'll be in business lol

Have you come across any good dupes lately at TjMaxx or elsewhere?
Not a sponsored post, I just love TjMaxx lol

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