Wednesday, July 25, 2012

In My Suitcase...

We are leaving for Destin, Fl on Friday w/ another couple. I definitely can't wait to hit the beach, I haven't been in like 2 years and Florida has always felt like a second home to me. I'm most excited about doing some body boarding. First thing I'm going to do when we get there is hit up a surfboard shop, I want to get one of those really good body boards that are made of surfboard material, unlike the cheap foam kind they sell at Walmart.
 Anyway, I wanna come back looking like this. Yup, so tanned that I look like another race lol. 

This vacation will consist of as little clothing as possible. It's been like 95 degrees everywhere and I can't even walk from my house to my car without breaking a sweat. 

Here's what I'm packing for the 4 day trip:
We are going for 4 days so naturally I need 4 pairs of sunglasses lol. ( and of course I'll end up wearing the same pair the whole time). Sunglasses from top to bottom: Steve Madden, Kenneth Cole, Michael Kors, Oscar De La Renta

3 bathing suits. Left to right: Billabong, Old Navy and Target

How perfect are these earnings for this bathing suit? 

I won't be doing much with my hair. I have curly hair so I definitely won't be straightening it everyday on vacation. I plan on wearing it natural and using a texturizing paste to keep it beachy looking. As for the Sun In, I didn't know they even made that anymore, but when I saw it I had to pick it up. I plan on using it midway down my hair. Maybe it will kinda give me that ombre look...or it will just be a complete disaster. We shall see.

This carrot oil can be used for your hair and body. Carrot oil is also much better for your skin that the regular tanning oils because it contains all kinds of antioxidants (see my review of it here). I'm not saying that tanning is healthy b/c it definitely isn't, there is no healthy way to tan but since I never tan I figured I would go this route. The Neutrogena is for my face. 

Makeup. It seems like a lot, but I probably won't wear most of this stuff unless we're going to a club. 

Face stuff, I'm bringing 3 bronzers.

Just going to keep it natural for the lips. 

I haven't picked out clothes just yet. I'm probably just going to bring 2 pairs of shorts, 2 dresses, 5 tops, a going out outfit, 2 cover ups and 1 pair of heels, wedges and flip flops. I'm pretty easy when it comes to packing clothes for a short trip. 

Where are you guys going for your summer vacation? Have you ever been to Destin?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Feather Nails - How to

I was watching E! last night and I saw that feather nails are the new thing right now. Who would have thought to put feathers on their nails? We'll I'm glad they did because I think it's such a cool idea. You can do so many different styles and colors plus they are super easy to do.

[google images]

This is all you need:
feathers of your choice (I chose the colorful ones)
clear polish
nail scissors
 Put down clear polish first, then apply feather while it's still wet (I should have placed it higher on the nail, but this was my first go at it)

 Trim off access and put another coat of clear polish on top

This was my finished result. Instead of clear, you can use colored polish as your base. I think bright blue nails with yellow feathers would look especially amazing. 

You could even try tips like this
[google images]

Have you tried feathering your nails yet?

Monday, July 16, 2012

A Night Out and a Thought...

Saturday night we went out for some drinks and dancing as usual...Sometimes I seriously get bored of the same ol' going out thing on Saturday nights. We obviously don't go clubbing every Saturday night (just about once a month) but it gets old. I guess when you live in a city that is basically known for it's party scene, it doesn't leave much else to do and everything around here at night pretty much involves drinking for entertainment lol. I think I need to sign Jason and I up for a haunted tour of the cemeteries or something. That would be pretty fun and different. 

Hamming it right before heading out

I don't know how I didn't lose my phone that night. 
Finally got Jason to dance with me. Yay! 
 I'm pretty sure those were straight vodka shots. No bueno
Like a boss lol (gotta love my friends faces in the background)
Jason and I don't get many pics together, I'm so glad this one came out cute.  
 This seems to be a reoccurring move for me lol. I always know when I've had enough when I do this hehe. 

Dress, earnings, clutch: Forever21
Shoes: Gianni Bini
Watch: Burlington's

What do you guys usually do on a Saturday night? I could use some fresh ideas :)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Link to tons of MAC face charts

I just discovered this blog by and she posted a TON of MAC face charts. These charts are so helpful for when I'm looking for different color combo's so I just wanted to share.   

Friday, July 6, 2012

Carrie Bradshaw - Sex in the City bun

The weather down here has been hovering in the mid 90's for the last couple of months so a bun has been my go to hair style lately. 


I should have probably took a better front picture (fail), but I was rushing to get to work.

Some tips to get the best results are:
Use a sock that is long and thick
Pick a sock that is as close to your hair color as possible (I used a black sock)
Hairspray for flyaways (optional)
Hair pins to keep layers in place or to pin it down a little for extra security (optional)

 To do this bun I watched this video

I also found another video on an easier way to do the bun here, but the results are a little different. The first video looks more like the Carrie Bradshaw Sex in the City bun.

What's your go to hair style for the summer?

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Michael Kors Sandals

I was shopping Dillards today w/ my mom when I spotted these little babies. I so do not need another pair of sandals, but I'm a sucker for Michael Kors so I just had to try them on, especially since they were only $49.

 They are extremely comfortable jelly sandals made out of pvc material. They also had them in beige, but I thought these looked a bit more expensive. Who knows, I might go back and get the other pair too since they are seriously that comfortable.

I think they look even better when they're on.

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