Tuesday, July 7, 2015

4th of July Beach Vacation

Hi loves! I hope everyone had a fab 4th of July weekend. I went on a very much needed beach vacay with some friends. It was 6 of us crammed into a 1 bedroom condo, but it was on the beach so who care right? The couple on the right were staying a mile up the road so they met up with us.
This was taken from our balcony with the beach behind us, The shadow was really dark so I had to blow it out in order to see our faces lol
We got so lucky with the weather, the sun was out the whole time which left lots of time for some tanning!
Jason and I brought a huge tent with drinks for everyone and another couple brought an ice chest radio so we were definitely the people you wanted to make friends with at the beach haha!
This was the little walkway leading to the beach from our condo. 
All the condos and hotels along the beach put on firework shows, my friend was able to take this pretty cool picture of Jason and I. 
I love this pic of us facing the water! It's your typical instagram post and sums up this post perfectly! Thanks for reading, comment below and tell me about your 4th of July!

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