Saturday, August 17, 2013

Work outfits

I've been slacking with the work outfit post, but it mainly because I forget to take a pic of myself when I get to work. I'm still obsessed with the chiffon shirts and wear them almost daily to work. I've also been wearing dresses a lot lately, but haven't had a chance to photograph them yet. That will be my next work outfits post.

Shirt is from F21 and pants from the Limited

I'm still loving the tied look of the sleevless chiffon tops. I got this top from H&M when I was in NY

Shirt from TjMaxx, bag eBay and pants from New York and Company

Jacket is Michael Kors, shirt TjMaxx and Pants from Dillards

TjMaxx shirt and The Limited Pants

Monday, August 12, 2013

NEW York Twenty13!!

I'm pretty late with this post since I atually got back from NY a few weeks ago. NYC is seriously the greatest city on earth. No offense to anyone who doesn't live there, I know I would work in a soup kitchen if it meant I could live there lol. 

I literally went all over the city and even hit some places twice. I have my first bowl of Pho ever in Chinatown and my first bubble tea ever there too. Both were amazing. I did some shopping in Soho and ate at a few local places, including the food carts, because that's really what the locals do from what I hear. I went to a hole in the wall place for some coffee and it was seriously the best coffee of my life! I had the best time ever there and definitely hope to go back one day...if only I could win the lottery I would be set haha. 

I seriously went ALL over Manhattan, but I was actually staying in Brooklyn for the 7 days I was there, close to Flatbush Ave in case anyone is familiar with the area. .

This was in Brighton Beach, right where you get off the Subway

My friend Sarah and I on our first Subwway ride when we got there. (This was actually my second trip to NY)
First time in Chinatown!

Brighton Beach
Times Square!
Had to get a pic with NYPD

Did some window shopping there hehe

This was uptown 

I know it seems like I wore the same outfit twice, I didn't lol, I just literally went ALL over the city that day!
Satatue of Liberty taken from the Staten Island Ferry

Brighton Beach
Subway coming into the station at brighton beach

City Park
Park Ave Apartments. How awesome would it be to live here!!?

Grand central station. that place is like a little city!

Brooklyn bridge. This one may be going in a frame lol

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Review - Revlon Nearly Naked

My friend gave me this foundation about 2 weeks ago. She said it was too light for her, but it's a perfect match for my NC 30-35 skintone.

What I like best about this foundation is that it feels light and has a thin consistancy but still offers great coverage. Like most of my foundations, I mix this one with my other foundations, but I have worn it by itself and like it just as much. When I mix it, I usually use Revlon's Age Rewind, but this foundation would be great mixed with Maybelline's Super Stay as well since the super stay is pretty thick on it's own and in my opionion needs a thinner foundation blended with it to work better. 
Another thing I really love about this foundation is it's neutral undertone. I find a lot of drugstore foundations have too much pink in them, but this one works perfectly for my yellow/olive undertones. Staying power is pretty good with this. I would say about 6 to 8 hours when I set it with loose powder, which I do regardless of what foundation I'm wearing. The finish of this is is really natural and would be best desscribed as a satin finish.

The swatch above is lightly blended and the one below is just swipped on.

Have any of you tried this one? What's your current foundation?
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