Thursday, April 9, 2015

Bar Cart Styling

As I'm sure you noticed, (those who actually read my blog) I don't really blog anymore. Instagram has kind of taken over so whatever I usually would have put on my blog now just goes on Instagram (please follow me there if your not already! @cc.collection)

Anyway, I've been wanting a bar cart for the past 3 years already and I've finally found the perfect one! It deserves a post :) This one was only $149 and is the perfect size and color. I made my husband get rid of his fish tank just so I could have a place to put it. 

Other than making jewelry full time, I have a part time job doing liquor promotions. My job allows me to always have tons of liquor on hand (sample bottles) and other goodies like shot trays, mixing cups and wine buckets. 

Bucket and tray are compliments or Jagermesiter ;)

I wasn't going for any particular style when I was setting it up. I just wanted it to be simple and ready for a party, but also wanted a few interesting pieces to catch your eye. It's going to be so much fun to decorate it for the holidays. 

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