Monday, June 6, 2011

Bronzer Collection & Review

Physicians Formula Multi Colored Bronzer in Light - This is way to light for me to use as a bronzer. I actually really like it as a light coverage powder foundation or as a finishing powder over my liquid foundation. It's completly matte, has no smell to it and would work well on NC30 to NC35 skintones as a light coverage foundation.

Physicians formula multi colored in light on my index finger. You can harldy see it since it matching my skintone perfectly.

Wet n' Wild Bronzer in Princess - The pigmentation of this bronzer is amazing. It's the closest dupe I've seen to MAC Matte Bronze, my all time favorite bronzer. In the pan it has little shimmers but can be easily buffed out when you apply it to your face.

Guerlain Teracotta Bronzer in 01 Light - This not only looks gorgeous in the pan, but it's beautiful on the skin. The mix of colors in this blend into the perfect shade to give your skin that healthy glow. There are shimmers in it but they are finely milled so it doesn't look glittery on the face. It does smell a bit strong though, Guerlain products tend to have that noticable rose scent to it. It may be much for those sensitive to smells. As much as I love this, I don 't know if I would repurchase b/c it's pretty pricy at $50.

e.l.f. Healthy Glow Bronzer in Sunkissed - I would say this is an excellent dupe to MAC's Golden Irridescent bronzer, I talked about it before here. It's really prigmented, you only need to tap your brush in this once to pick up just the right amount of color. Swipping it will pick up way too much. I love applying this over a peachy blush or even on it's own on my cheekbones when I'm tanned.

MAC Bronzer in Refined golden - I dropped this and it completly shattered so I put it in this container. I don't find myself using this one much. It's really dark with redish undertones and has large noticable shimmers in it. I think this would work better on darker skintones.

elf sunkissed, wet n' wild princess, guerlain, mac refined golden

Physicians Formula Bronze Organics in Medium - When I first opened this the smell of it really hit me. It kind of has a woodsy scent, almost like a tree bark smell lol. When applied the smell goes away after 2 minutes and you can't notice it anymore. I actually hated this bronzer when I first applied it, I was expecting it to be matte and instead it has a sheen to it, no sparkle or shimmer at all but a noticable sheen. Matte bronzers are pretty much the only kind I like or wear, but I recently tried it again and love it now. The sheen actually looks really beautiful for the day. It gives you a really pretty glowy bronze look, the kind the VS model's have. Seriously. I've been wearing it everyday and it makes me look so bright and fresh. The coverage of this is really good too. I find that I can just wear it on it's own and I don't need anything else but mascara. I wouldn't wear this at night if flash photography is going to be used because I think the look can come off as greasy or oily looking in photos. If your looking for a bronzer to give you a glowy or dewy look, definitely check this one out.

e.l.f Light bronzer - This is also too light for me to use as a bronzer and it has too much of a sheen. It does however look beautiful as a light highlight color. I think if I got the darker shade of this is would look nice lightly applied all over the face for a dewy look.

MAC Bronzer in Matte Bronze - Hands down my favorite Matte Bronzer. Perfect brown tone with no red or orange undertones. I'm never able to find it in stores so I always have to order online. This is one of MAC's most pigmented bronzers. You only need a tiny bit to get deep color so it's easy to overdo it with this one.

MAC Bronzer in Golden - This shade matches my NC35 skintone perfectly, it's not that pigmented so I can use this as a light coverage powder foundation or use it in my crease. It's not completly matte but there is no shimmer in it either. I would say it's more of a satin finish. It would make an excellent bronzer for those with NC35 and lighter skintones.

elf golden, MAC golden, MAC matte, PH organic wear light

Have any of your tried any of these? What's your favorite bronzer?


Agnes Beauty Corner said...

@ MaviDeniz: To be honest I'm not that familiar with MaxFactor's products, I actually think that this is the only product that I've ever owned from that brand. What products from MaxFactor do you like?? =D Ps. this post is amazing!! I really like it =)

Maryam Maquillage said...

wow, quite a bronzer collection huh?? lol :) I Love Benefit Hoola, have you tried it??

| C AND C | Sarmin said...

OMG, your a life saver! Downloaded the Google thing, I can comment now. Thank you, THANK YOU!

& I used MAC's Refined Deeper Bronze, but they stopped making it now, so I just got Refined Golden, to me, I think its way to light, or matches my skin just right, so there is no broze effect, which I don't like, cuz I totally go brozer crazy. I need to find a new one. I was never in love with MAC's RGB with all that shimmer, but now I just want it back.


Gaby Fauchon said...

I looooove bronzers as I'm so pale! My favorite of the moment is Annabelle Zebra Pressed Bronzing Powder (:

Lindsey said...

I have Physicians Formula and I love it!!

Unknown said...

I love that you have elf as well as some other more expensive brands! Great review :D

Erin said...

Very cool post! I love Laura Mercier in golden sun, or Bobbi Brown in Light-Medium.


kellyyes said...

i havent tried any of these! but im not sure what my fave bronzer is yet...i am in the process of using up ronzers that i LIKE but im not sure if i LOVE them. i like hoola by benefit and laguna by nars. cargo med bronzer is also good. i really want to try out some dior and chanel bronzers to compare before i pick a favorite!

mirjam schuurkamp said...

what an beautifull makeup my dear!
amazing, wish i had all that!
and i go to side in turkey,
i went to alanya last year and it was pretty amazing!


Natalie Koltunovskaya said...

Like Gurlain bronzer. And their powders are also good!

Carlinn said...

I love bronzers, really good post!

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