Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Foundation's & Review - Revlon Age Defying Spa Makeup

I picked up these 2 foundations from big lots the other day. I've talked about the Almay foundation before here, but I've never tried the Revlon foundation so I thought I would give it a go. 

This product comes w/ a built in foundation brush. For someone who likes to clean their brushes weekly with soap and water it totally grossed me out that I can't really clean it without possibly compromising the product. So, I did what anyone in my position would do...

I cut it off lol. I forgot to take a picture of what it looked like with out the cap on but if you look closely at the above picture you can see the attached brush. 

This foundation has a twist on/off cap that is not removable. I actually really like this feature b/c I think it would be great for travel and you wouldn't have to worry about the product spilling everywhere. I also love that you can squeeze the product out; makes for very little waste. What I love most about this product is it's lightweight feel. It's kind of on the liquidy side and reminds me of a tinted moisturizer and covers like one as well. If you have problematic skin or moderate unevenness that needs to be covered than this might not be the right foundation for you. I think it would work best on those with pretty good skin that just needs light coverage and I think it would be suited for all skin types as well. Maybe not so much for those with really oily skin since the coverage of this is so light. I've really been loving this as a summer time foundation. 

The color looks too dark on my arm but it matches perfectly on my face. {I mentioned above how this coverage is very light, notice how you can still see my little vain in my wrist on the right?} I love how this foundation blends in with ease and the finish of this is a satin/matte. I still like to use a little transparent powder to set it.

Lasting time: about 4-5 hours
Coverage: Light
Best for: Most skin types except very oily
Overall: 4/5

Have you ever tried the Revlon Spa foundation?


Natalie said...

I have never tried this foundation but it looks great on your skin. I might have to try it, but I would probably do the same. CUT off the brush LOL

Thanks for sharing.

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TY, Natalie

Anonymous said...

oh.. so nice post.)
Love your blog.))

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Unknown said...

I've used Almay's clearing concealer and it works great! Might have to try the pure blends :) Thanks for the review - so helpful!

Laura said...

thanks for the comment! and I love the review of this product! It was so helpful!


Anonymous said...

very interesting, thanks

Sassi said...

I have to try it!

Unknown said...

Haven't tried it yet, but am looking for a new cheaper one:-) I usually am a MAC girl, but willing to try something new

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