Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Orleans- Jazzfest Weekend

I went to the 42nd annual New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival over the weekend with some friends. Last time I've been to Jazzfest was about 7 years ago, so it was way overdue :). Here are some pictures from the event.

Main Stage;It was extreamly packed so it was pretty much impossible for me to get any closer to take really good pics.

I don't know why the screen came out like that :( maybe b/c I took it with my phone?


Jimmy Buffett Preforming the Fins song. It was so cool to see everyone do shark fins and move them from left to right all at the same time...then again im easily amused lol

I forgot my hat so one of the guys let me use their's

The guy in the lower left hand corner was celebrating his bachelor party down here, they were all down here from St. Louis

Definitely had to get myself a gyro, yummy


Gaby Fauchon said...

Hey hun! GFC is the name under which you follow my blog (Google Friend Connect). I guess yours is MaviDeniz but I'm not sure?

Mette said...

Looks like great fun.. An a shining sun :) Stop by?

Unknown said...

looks like so much fun! gyro's are pretty awesome :)

Metisse said...

That looks awesome, the jazz fest comes next month here in the NW! I am super excited for it! and you just made me more excited

Unknown said...

the screen looks scary :/ haha. but never mind you all look great and enjoying the event :)
BTW, nice blog. Definitely going to follow you!
oh, I'm having my birthday giveaway.
You can check it here:
Misskatv's Birthday Giveaway!

Kat :)

Kristina said...

oh I also want to go to a festival !!
it looks like you have a lot of fun :)


Unknown said...

I just found your blog. Are you from Louisiana? I am :)

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