Sunday, May 29, 2011

NOTD+ Review, MiNX NAiLS?

OK, not really but they look similar don't they?

This pic was taken in natural light with no flash.

I really love metallic nails, so when I saw this by Orly I grabbed it and also one in silver. The staying power of this is pretty average. After about 2 days it starts to chip a little when a top coat isn't used. I actually never use a top coat so I'm not sure how much longer it would last had I used one. The application of this was really good, one coat completly covers and there's no nail that can be seen through the polish.

The brush on the other hand is a little less desirable. It's tiny and skinny!

Another thing I don't like is how difficult it is to remove. It's almost like those glitter polishes that really cling to the nail. I find that using a base coat kind of helps with removal. Overall, I like these polishes and If you like the look of metalic nails I would check these out.

Do you guys know of any good metalic polishes?


...OBSESSIONS to LIVE FOR... said...

I have a silver Revlon polish that looks super similar to this gold Orly polish! I have the details in a post on my blog.. I think it was in the first blog post I ever did =)

Also, I awarded you with "The Stylish Blogger Award" I love reading your blog! Find out more about the award on my blog..

Love, Victoria said...

omg i said the same thing when i used my orly 'RAGE' polish! it looks like the nailpolish strips, or like you said a minx mani!! i like how it goes on complete with one coat but your right it does chip after like, 2 days :/

Fashion en Rose said...

It's awesome!I love glitter but the simple thought of having to remove it..makes me avoid it:)).

Naiara Cruz said...


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Dani said...

I've seen a lot of people most Milani metalics that look very pretty!

You should try sally hansen's anti chip top coat! It actually works well for me. I've had my same nail polish for about a week and a half without chips but since my nails grow out quick my manicures don't work over a week, i've just been too lazy to repaint haha <3 this polish though! idk that i'll try it if it's hard to remove though..


Natalie said...

Oh my... the nail colour looks awesome!!! Nice post there...
I'm following u Babe! :D

Cheers, Nat

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