Monday, May 23, 2011

MAC Studio Fix + Dupe?

I was in the cosmetic section at the $1 store the other day just to see what they had when I came upon this LA Colors foundation in the color Tan. So I kinda opened it a little to swatch it, bad I know! Well, I was blown away at how pigmented and almost creamy feeling is was. It reminded me of my MAC Studio Fix powder foundation. I bought it and compared the two.

The LA Colors is a little darker than my NC35 Studio Fix, but that's a good thing b/c I feel like my NC35 is just a smidge too light for me now that Im starting to get a little darker. LA Colors describes their foundation as long lasting and silky smooth wear. I actually wore it today for about 7 hours and it still looked good by the time I got home.

LA Colors on index finger, MAC Studio Fix on middle finger. W/ flash left picture, no flash on right picture.


As you can see, MAC's studio fix does not photograph well. It tends to give off a white cast in pictures. Good thing to keep in mind for flash photography.  The coverage of LA Colors is surprisingly really good and very similar to MSF so I would recommend it to those who are on a budget or need something in a pinch. The only thing I don't like about this are it's ingredients. Talc, Mica, Kaolin, Mineral Oil, Squalane and Propylparaben. If you have sensitive or acne prone skin then I would stay away from this. This isn't something I would wear on a daily bases either, but more for those lazy mondays when Im running late and just need to slap on some powder for work ^-^.


The Beautifier said...

Looks like you found a pretty good dupe to the MAC one!!xoxo

mirjam schuurkamp said...

it looks very good doll!


Kim Axani said...

I've been using the Mac Studio Fix for years and LOVE it, so it's cool to see a dupe like this.
I agree with your weariness towards the ingredients in the LA Colors though ... my skin is SO sensitive and if there's any type of oil, I break out!!

ohyouprettythings said...

:] Great info! :] Love your blog!

Haze said...

Great review and great find :)


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