Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Blogger sucks!

So once again blogger isn't working, I can make a post but I can't post comments. Not even on my own blog >.< Anyone else having that problem? I checked the blogger status and it said they were working on the issue since 5/24. Im so bored at work today, my boss is out the office and I don't have anyone to talk to lol.

Anyway, I have a new post coming up about the Keratin treatment I just had done to my hair. Wait till you guys see the before and after pics!


Miranda said...

I was and still am having issues! It sucks!! I can comment but now I can't see my lovely followers or anyone else's to follow theirs =( Thanks for the comment on my blog just started following yours and love it! I love your doggy too! Weenie dogs are my absolute fav...I grew up with them and want one again so badly!!

DominicanaDulce said...

I am having issues with commenting on other pages too! It sucks! I can comment when its the pop up comment box but not when its just on the blogs page. =[

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