Saturday, May 21, 2011

Beach Bag Essentials

Summer is almost here, and it’s time to start heading out to the beach/pool for some fun in the sun! But before you start calling friends and making plans for Saturday afternoon, it’s time to find your favorite tote bag and start filling it with some summer essentials. I put together some things that I always keep in my beach bag, but of course you can customize it to fit your needs.

1. Beach tote - I love nautical stuff for the summer so this straw bag is perfect.

2. Sunglasses - Get a pair w/ UV protection.

3. Hair ties and bobby pins - Once my hair is wet I like to put my hair in a braid a pin back the little peices.

4. Lipbalm w/ SPF - Chapped, red and wrinkly lips are not cute, make sure your lip balm has SPF in it.

5. Sunscreen for face and Body - Neutrogena makes really good sunscreen for sensitive skin. Oil-free is a must for the face too.

6. Large beach towel - This one is self explanitory.

7. Flipflops - I really like the flipslops with ridges in them like the one shown. It helps with walking in the sand.

8. floppy hat - Stylish and efficent.

9. Face Refresher Spray - You know how your face can feel kind or gritty and dry when you come out the beach? Well a refresher spray solves that problem. I believe they sell this Evian one at Sephora, but really any face spray would work fine.

10. Spray leave in conditioner - This is good to have especially when you plan on being out for most of the day and aren't able to rinse your hair.

***TIP***I've heard that it's best to rinse your dry hair with cool water BEFORE getting into the beach or pool. The reason for this is because the dry hair will soak up the fresh water first and therefore the chlorine and salt water won't be able to penetrate the hair shaft as much. Basically it's just a way to prevent chlorine and salt water damage to your hair.

What are some of your beach bag essentials?


Haze said...

I still need one those totes and the floppy hats!

Jen said...

oOo!! Beach bag essentials is a GREAT idea for a post for the summer!<3 Hmm..

Jessica said...

I love bringing a huge floppy hat to the beach too :)
That's a great tip girlie!

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