Friday, April 15, 2011

Makeup Storage Ideas

I love having my makeup organized. It makes it much easier to find what im looking for and saves me a lot of time in the morning. Plus it just looks better :) Here are some storage ideas I came across.

This one here is my absolute favorite! It's the exact one that Khloe and Kourney Kardashian have. Once I saw it on the show I searched high and low for it. Unforunatly it's NOT cheap @ $290.00 :(

Here's the link to it

Perfect for Palettes

Sephora inspired holder, I believe you can get these beads at your local craft store

And of course, no room is complete without a place to actually do your makeup. Here are some inspirational ideas.

How gorgeous is this?!

I love this mirrored vanity, it looks so chic and elegant

This is my current makeup area, nothing special, but it gets the job done :)


rambobambii said...

My vanity setup looks kinda the same. I have a similar sized desk from Ikea and very similar a4 sized drawers that I got from an office supplies shop. I would love to get some of those brush holders coz I keep all my brushes in my desk drawer so they're hard to get to at times. Your whole set up looks really nice! Ill have to do a post on mine when I've painted my room and got it all looking tidy lol. You've given me some great ideas tho, thanks! xox

MaviDeniz said...

Thanks! I wish we had an Ikea in the area. I would love to see your makeup set up when you done with it :)

Anonymous said...

hi. i love the vanity table ideas you have here. can you tell me where you found both the white one with the side cupboards that was in the first photo as well as that gorgeous mirrored one that looks to be the perfect size for my teeny bedroom? thanks!

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