Sunday, April 24, 2011

Artist? Who knew?

Jason and I decided to do something a little different on Saturday night than our usual club outing...and because we went to the club Friday night lol. We went to Rembrandt and did a painting session.

I've painted before in college so I already had some experience with it, but it was Jason's first time. Even though I had to practically drag him there, he ended up have a really good time and said he would do it again :)

Maybe it was the wine talking lol, we drank a whole bottle while we were there.

If you guys never tried it before, I would highly recommend it. It can be pretty pricy, ($40 a person) but I found a deal on and only payed $28 for 2 people. They also have similar deals on The instructors were very helpful and walked around the whole time making sure everyone was ok. They offered tips and and brought us more supplies as needed.

Jason's got that glazed look in his eyes. I think he was slightly drunk lol

Overall, we had a great time and I can't wait to go back. Have you guys ever been to one of these painting workshops before?

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Lindsey said...

Love it! And you are so pretty miss thang!!!!

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