Thursday, April 28, 2011

Great 10 Under $10 Finds

Here are some picks that you can't go wrong on...even if you end up hating some of them, you hardly spent any money. Most of these are even under the $5 mark :)

Rosebud Salve: There's a reason why celebrities use this stuff. It's awesome and it really works well for moisturizing. It gives your lips a nice sheen without feeling tacky, sticky or goopy and it has many uses. It says you can use it on your cuticles and even blemishes. Although I wouldn't try that. I got mine at Sephora for around $6 and their's 22G of product in there.

Goodys Spin Pins: These are a must for long hair! I use them when I pile my hair on top of my head for bed, when I want to do a cute side bun and to put my hair up at the gym because it holds better than a ponytail holder. Works even better than the ones with the rubber grips on them.

Red Cherry Lashes: I buy mine off of eBay for about $2.50 including shipping. These are really good lashes that easily last me 8 to 10 uses without falling apart or looking funky (I don't put mascara on them). They also have a huge selection so you can find just the style your looking for.

Wet n' Wild Shadows & Bronzer: I'm so impressed with Wet n' Wild cosmetics. Their shadows are so pigmented! I can honestly say that they make the best matte shadows I've ever used, they don't crease and they blend like a dream. This princess bronzer is also a super pigmented matte and I've been using it a lot lately. I like that its natural looking and not that orange/red you see a lot of in other low end bronzers.

Hard Candy Shadow stick: You can use it as an all over shadow stick and it doesn't crease if you apply a thin layer and blend it out. I would say it's similar to MAC's shadestick. I mainly use this on my bottom lash line and then apply a similar shadow over it to set it.

Prestige Waterproof Liner: Soft, creamy and jet black,I love this liner for my waterline. I find that the waterproof formula lasts longer than a regular liner.

Neutrogena Makeup Remover: THE best eye makeup remover hands down! I had one by Lancome and it sucked. This one is almost identical to the Clinique makeup remover. It gets all the shadow and liner off in one swipe. For mascara removal, I just hold a cotton ball over it for a few seconds. I also love using this remover on a q-tip to take off my false lashes. They practially fall right off with this stuff.

Powder Brush: I got this super soft brush from walmart for about $5. I use it to apply bronzer all over my face and neck, it doesn't shed and it picks up a good amount of powder.

Monistat Chafing Gel: This might look a little weird to those who don't know about this multi tasking product lol. Well, I like to use this as a face primer from time to time. They main ingredients are very similar to those in Smashbox's Photo Finish primer. Marlena from has videos about this on youtube.


Kaleido Mind said...

ooo i've been wanting to try red cherry lashes!!

Vania said...

I use the Goody Spiral pins too! LOVE EM!!

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