Monday, April 23, 2012

Splurge VS. Steal - Hermès Collier de Chien Bracelet

Ok girls, I think I've found one of the best Splurge VS. Steal's out there! The Hermès cuff bracelet.  Here is the original.
Top of bracelet is above & bottom side is below

I've found that this retails for $1,000


Here's the one I found on eBay for only $8.59 w/ free shipping!

I was really blown away by the quality of this. It's heavy and feels very durable. I can't wait to wear it out. I looked up the seller to get the link for you guys in case anyone else is interested and it looks like he raised the price to $18.59. It's still not bad considering I've seen much cheaper (as in cheaper looking, not price wise) looking fakes that don't look anything like the real thing.  

What do you guys think?


KatXoXo said...

I think it looks very good quality!! Whoever would pay $1000 for a cuff is CRAZY!! Great post I may just order this :)

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh, you are my new best friend!! I love deals and especially freaking awesome ones like this!! So cool, I am your newest follower :)

...OBSESSIONS to LIVE FOR... said...

Wow I can't believe how good that looks!! I'm always wary of buying things on ebay and etc because you never know how the quality is going to be. I'm so glad you shared your find!!!

Dianna said...

wow, awesome steal!

WitchHazel said...

FYI ladies, it's back down to $8. Thanks for sharing this deal - I've always wanted one of these but have never found one that looked this nice for such a low price. I almost snatched it up for $18 - I'm so glad I waited! ;D

Honeylushy said...

what a great find! I love finding looks for less

LANEY said...

Totally just purchased this girl! Thanks for the look out for us! AND thanks for letting me know about the Milani Eyeliner! I am going to purchase it and check it out!!


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