Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Nail of the Day - Sheer Vanilla

I got this polish and another one by Sally Hansen in a 2 pack at the dollar store. I love Sally Hansen polishes because the wear time is really good and their Hard as Nails line is especially great for my brittle nails. For some reason they have been breaking and spliting on me a lot lately. I just don't get it, I don't do any manual labor what so ever lol. 

 The color is pretty sheer, just how the name states so it took me 4 applications to achieve this layer of opacity, but I love the color. I think it's perfect for these warm months ahead. I plan on wearing this color for a few weeks straight to see if it will help with my thin nails. I've used their clear Hard as Nails polish before and I did notice a difference w/ my nails not breaking and spliting as much. 

What is your favorite nail polish at the moment?


Lions and Tigers and Make-up said...

There's something so tasteful and feminine about nude nail polishes, love it!

Brandy said...

Pretty nail polish. I love the nude/natural look. China Glaze "Something Sweet" is my favorite at the moment but it's so streaky and hard to apply :(

Tanya said...

It's such a pretty colour!

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