Monday, April 30, 2012

Month in Pics - April

I never cook, but I made this chicken florentine dish w/ texas toast
Gyro platter. Mediterranean food is my fav
Freshly squeezed blood oranges. So good!
This post-it was in a fitting room in F21
Bacardi always sleeps in the craziest positions lol. I took the blanket off of him to get this pic. Sorry weenie :)
We went a little crazy that night and ordered a ton of Mexican takeout. I also wanted to try the skinny girl margarita too. It was a big let down. I didn't like it at all :(
We were leaving the club when I spotted this Lambo next to us. 
Check out these blue orchids at home depot. I never seen anything like it. They were beautiful - and pretty pricey. 

Charbroiled oysters at Dragos. I actually really dislike oysters, but they put this sauce on this that makes it taste amazing. As long as I don't think I'm actually eating an oyster I'm good. I only eat the small ones too lol, I have to work my way up to the bigger ones and I'm not quite there yet.


pretty affairs said...

i love that post it!! and how cute is Bacardi? :) great to see your comment on Skinny Margarita! I was always wondering what is it like? i find Bethenny great character though... do you like her? :) xx

Dianna said...


Kim Axani said...

Great photos. I want to start doing this, I take so many random photos through out the month but don't have anything to post them under. Bacardi is so cute!

Kitterz said...

Such an awesome looking month =)

I don't care for oysters or clams... I saw this dish on "Best Thing I Ever Made" on Food Network with clams in a sweet teriyaki type of sauce and I'm trying to work my way up to trying it =)

Unknown said...

all these food pics made me hungry !!

Tali said...

Omg I am craving mexican and sushi now!!

| C AND C | Sarmin said...

Sushi! YUM!!
Your pups are just adorable.
& that's a cute sticky note.

Unknown said...

Love this sort of posts and the food looks so delicious.

<3 Marina

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