Friday, June 14, 2013

Work Flow ~

Just a few shots on how I dress at work. I love flowy chiffon button down tops and black slacks from either Express or New York and Co. I love how they carry petite sizes

I've been wearing my hair in a messy top knot a lot lately. I'm always running around and super busy at work so this hair style works best for me.


Honeylushy said...

cute tory birch bag! I like it when you have your hair up too! I am going through a serious accessory moment right now, especially with jewelry. Ugh my wallet hates me!

james said...

you look so good in your work outfits! i love getting dressed for work ;) hope your summer is fun, babe!


Julian Si said...

Is that a Tory Burch? Nice bag :-)

Great blog and love the photos - Have a super day!

Unknown said...

Looking great.

<3 Marina

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