Saturday, June 1, 2013

New Lippies & Swatches

I was in Walgreen's the other day when I decided that I needed some new lip products. I am definitely a lip balm and clear lip gloss girl all the way, but these products intrigued me. 

 I got Color Whisper by Maybelline in #25 Lust for Blush and Maybelline Baby Lips in #15 Cherry Me. They look like completely different colors in the tube, but actually are pretty similar in swatches. 
 The Color Whisper is just like a really tinted lip balm, it feels really moisturizing and gives just the right amount of color. It isn't long lasting though. Maybe about an hour or so which is about what I expected with both of these. The Baby Lips is the same but with a little less pigmentation. I don't know if I believe the claims that Baby Lips makes that your lips will improve over time with continued use. maybe I haven't used it long enough, but I don't see much of a difference in the health of my lips. I didn't purchase it for that reason anyway, I just wanted something that would keep my lips from looking dead lol. 
 The photo above shows the swatches in natural light. Color whisper is on top and baby lips on the bottom. They look pretty similar in the photos, but you can tell that the baby lips isn't quite as pigmented. Which is perfect for me because I don't think colors looks right on me.
This photo shows them in more direct sunlight, but indoors (obviously). If you look closely on the bottom swatch, you can see small shimmers in the baby lips balm. I don't like shimmer AT ALL in lipsticks and balms, but luckily this doesn't translate when you wear it on your lips. It just looks like natural color. 

Does anyone have either of these? Can you recommend a good tinted lip balm or color? I heard Revlon has lip butters. I'm interested in trying those.


BeautyBehaved said...

digging the accessories your wearing on your wrist there (;

Honeylushy said...

I can't believe you havent tried the revlon lip butters! I was super late to the band wagon but I am hooked! I love strawberry shortcake and creamsicle, but they aren't super mosturzing. For real tinted balms I love Korres, espcially jasmine for a soft pink tint. I heard the Dior addict balms are really nice, but I bet they are quite pricey!

Cassandra Too said...

I have used the maybelline baby lips one and the product is amazing! I need to try color whisper. I have heard great stuff too! :D

with love, Cassandra xx

Jennifer of JennySue Makeup said...

I love love Baby Lips, but if you want a more tinted balm, it's pricier but so worth it, the Fresh Sugar tinted balms from Sephora are the bomb and feel amazing on with deep color!
Would love to hear your thoughts on my recent post about Candy Colored Lips!

Hugs, Jennifer

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