Sunday, May 26, 2013

Out my Comfort Zone + Bonus

The other day Jason and I went shopping at one of my favorite stores, TjMaxx. I came across these patterned leggings and just had to try them on. I usually hate patterned anything, but for some reason I was really liking these and figured I would pair it with a long button down black chiffon shirt which I already have and my black Michael Kors sandals.
I sent Jason a pic of them when I was in the fitting room and he responded back asking me if they were for Halloween lol. Typical guy, what the hell does he know haha. I got them anyway.

I went to the eye doctor for a routine exam and thought to maybe get glasses. I have really bad vision, -7.00 and -7.25. Yeah, I'm leagally blind without contacts lol. If I get glasses I have to get the special condensed lens otherwise the lens would be as thick as bullet proof glass! Not cute, I thought these frames were nice, but I didn't like the thick arm part so I passed on them. (Don't mind the crazy hair lol)

I've been loving loud nail colors this season, this one here especially. It's by Sally Hanson and it's called Mellow Yellow, but there is nothing mellow about it, it looks neon!

I jumped on the cell phone plug charm bandwagon and HAD to have this Celine bag charm. It's so cute and I got it at a really good price, but it's a pain in the ass dangling from my phone like that and it gets in the way of my phone camera everytime. I took it off after 2 days and will probably just hang it on one of my handbags or something. 

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Do you have any phone charms? I will probably get the little jeweled one that sits on top of the phone next time.


Honeylushy said...

Your arms are in mad shape! What do you do to work out? Anything in particular or are you just blessed :P

Nicole - Top To Toe said...

love your bright polish! x

BeSugarandSpice said...

Love the celine bag charm!Kisses!

Vintage2Vogue said...

fun pics!

Stop by for a visit,

Lydia from Vintage2Vogue

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