Sunday, December 23, 2012

My Current Skin Care Items

I don't think I've done a skin care post yet. I wanted to feature some products that I use on a daily basis and do a mini review on each. 

Neutrogena Healthy skin Anti-Wrinkle Anti Blemish Face Wash: 
I love this face wash. Since it contains alpha hydroxy acid after I wash my face with it, I let it sit on my skin for a few minutes while I was the rest of my body. I don't know if it helps any, but I feel like leaving it on my skin for those few minutes helps to make the ingredients work better and after a couple weeks of use I've felt like my face is smoother. I would repurchase.

Dial NutrSkin Body Wash:
I think this is a really good all around body wash, it doesn't leave my skin feeling tight after the shower and it smells really good. I wouldn't say it's the best for really dry skin because I think a cream oil body wash would be better, but if you have normal skin then I think this one is a good pick. I might repurchase this. I feel like my skin could use a more moisturizing body wash so this one might not be the best fit for me during the winter.

DDF Eye Cream:
I've been using this eye cream for about a month now. I don't have any wrinkles so I can't anything about wrinkle reduction, but what this eye cream really is is a preventive type cream for day wear and contains SPF 15. I however, use it at night before my face cream. I love the little pump dispenser  it lets you squeeze out the perfect amount of product so there is no waste. I don't have any dark circles under my eyes, but I've actually noticed my eye area looking a little brighter. I might repurchase this, while I do like it; I've been wanting to try out an eye cream by ROC.

Origins Starting Over Face Cream:
I got this cream when Origins was having their Earth Day cream give away. It smells really good and it very moisturizing  I feel like you only need a little bit of this stuff so it should last you a while. I use this at night after my eye cream and in the morning my skin still feels smooth and moisturized. Even in the winter time, when my skin tends to be a little drier. I would repurchase this.

Nivea Extended Moisture Body Cream: 
This has to be one of my most favorite body creams I've ever used. I got the one for dry to very dry skin and it's really good. It smells great and is moisturizing without being heavy or greasy. I've actually woken myself up in the middle of the night by rubbing my own arm lol. It was seriously so smooth and soft. Sometimes I get those little dry bumps on my upper arms, but since I've been using this I haven't noticed any of those bumps. I'm not faithful to creams and body washes cause I like trying new ones all the time, but I would definitely repurchase this one, unless of course they had another one I wanted to try on sale or something. 

What's your favorite skin care item?


Honeylushy said...

I have been using Caudalie skin care and it has been really great for dry sensitive skin. Josie maran argan oil is also amazing, but expensive!

Unknown said...

For my skin I just use a sulfate free shower gel and afterwards an oil :) x

Unknown said...

I love anything Nivea is my go-to body lotion always.

<3 Marina

Sola ante el espejo said...

Great post and blog. Lets follow each other. Kisses.

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