Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Can't Get Enough...

Vests! I'm really into the puffer vests especially. It's perfect for when you still want the warmth of a jacket but without having to deal with the bulk. 
This brown one is Alice&Oak. It retails for $80, but I got it for $40 at TjMaxx

This furry one below I actually got at the thrift store with tags still on it. It was priced at $25 which I thought was too much to pay for something at a thrift store even though it was new so I put it back. Not even 2 minutes later an announcement came on saying that the entire store was 50% off, obviously I rushed back to the rack to get it since I felt like it was pretty much meant to be :). I think this would look hot paired with liquid leggings and a long sleeve tunic like top. 

These last 2 are by dollhouse and I got them from Macy's. They retail for $49, but I got them for $14 each on clearance! The black is a size medium, so it's a little big on me, but since it's a dark color it doesn't look like it's too big. The white is a size small and fits perfectly. 

What's one of your favorite winter pieces?


Unknown said...

NICE....Love them all.

<3 Marina

Unknown said...

maybe you would like to follow each other!! let me know

Happy New Year !!


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