Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New Polishes & NOTD

I picked up a few polishes over the weekend. The 2 crackle polishes are from Rue21 and the other is from Rite Aid. I've been looking for a coral-ish orange for the summer and this one fit the bill perfectly. 

Besides the color, my absolute favorite thing about these polishes is the wide brush, I can completely cover a nail in 3 strokes and the color is nice and opaque. 2 coats is all you need, and really you could probably get away w/ one if you were pressed for time, but I always do 2. (From reading other blogs, the brush is a negative for some people. I guess it all depends on the size of your nail beds and personal preference.) 
2 coats 
1 coat of the WnW polish w/ white crackle. You can see a little chipping on my thumbnail. This pic was taken 2 days after I did my nails for reference. 

Have you tried any of these polishes? WnW has a polish called I need a refresh-mint. It's gorgeous, but I haven't been able to find it yet. 


Unknown said...

Love that coral color.
You did a great job on the crackle too.

Brandy said...

Love the coral. Very pretty. Crackle is cute as well. :)

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| C AND C | Sarmin said...

Love coral for the Summer times...I am over crackle/shatter polishes. I need to go google that WnW shade, I am guessing its a mint color, for the last year I have been wearing any mint I can find.

Unknown said...

Very pretty doll.

<3 Marina

Audrey. said...

love that colour!

Unknown said...

never tried one of those but the colours look gorgeous. :) great combination.
in btw I think your blog is really really nice and I started to follow you, dear. feel free to check out my blog as well, if you like :))



Gaby Fauchon said...

I love the look of those WNW nail polishes, look amazing for the price! The shade you picked is perfect for summer!

Unknown said...

Awesome crack nail polish! hmmm maybe I'll get one for myself later on:))
would you like to follow each other?

Karla | www.misskarla.com said...

Haven´t tried any of these yet, but I love coral nailpolishes! :)


Bella said...

after seeing this, I have discovered my love for white crackle haha

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