Monday, May 7, 2012

Friday Night Out

Friday night the hubs and some friends of mine checked out this new club, Eiffel Society, for International night. I was really expecting a "International" type vibe with dance music from different parts of the world. Nope, all that was played was Latin music, nothing's wrong w/ that, but just not what I expected. None the less, we had a great time and margaritas were free for the ladies.

My friend Lyndi got ready with me in my "new" room. It's so fun getting ready in there now that I redid it. It literally looked like a storage room before.
Before hitting Eiffel, we went to Superior Grill which was nearby for some margaritas and free chips and salsa.
Me and my babe
We didn't stay at Eiffel long, we just weren't feeling the vibe so we went to Jax after an hour. That was definitely more fun. If anyone comes to visit New Orleans I definitely recommend checking it out.
A friend of ours hooked us up w/ VIP. Thanks Christian!
I look tipsy in this pic, but we look so cute haha

Did everyone have a good Cinco De Mayo weekend? What did you do?


Chelsea Morgan said...

You are just so gorgeous! Love your dress! XO :)

| C AND C | Sarmin said...

I seriously wanna come to your state & hang out with you. The last photo is to cute, you guys look adorable.

Unknown said...

You guys are such a good looking couple.!

<3 Marina

Gaby Fauchon said...

VIP and free margaritas? How awesome!

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