Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Revlon PhotoReady Concealer - Swatches & Review

This is a scheduled post since I'm on vacay =)

I'm not usually a fan of stick concealers because I feel that they are too hard and drying.  I decided to give one a try again since the last time I used one like this was quite a few years ago. This Revlon PhotoReady concealer comes in 6 shades and is oil free and fragrance free. 

I was actually pretty impressed with this concealer. It's soft and smooth and has a little bit of a light reflecting property to it. It's easy to blend out and stays put for a good 6 hours and I didn't notice any creasing under my eye area. Plus, I really like the packaging.
The photo on the left is w/out concealer, the second is swatched and the 3rd is blended out. Notice how it did a pretty good job of covering up that scar on my right knuckle? 
I think this concealer would be best suited for those with normal to oily skin. I think liquid concealers are best suited for dry skin and my favorite one to use in the winter months when my skin is on the dry side is MAC's select moisturecover.

Have any of you tried this concealer? What's your favorite one?


Unknown said...

This is my favorite concealer. I love how smooth it is.

LongIslandTeacher said...

I bought this concealer when I had extra bucks at CVS and a coupon and it was on sale. I absolutely love it! I used to use neutrogena but this is by far better!

Gaby Fauchon said...

I love when my concealer reflects light a little, it provides a dewy finish to the skin x

Unknown said...

Great review doll and I'm with you I have dry skin so this sort of concealers dried me out even more.

<3 Marina

james said...

to be honest, i dont use concealer! only because i suck at finding them! so thanks for this mini review babe! hope that you are well <3

x jamie

Unknown said...

even my skin gets lil dry in winter, great review , short and to the point :)

Ariel W. said...

Wow! Definitely a great concealer, although I wouldn't have noticed the scar anyway. :) I use Clinique "All About Eyes", and it works pretty good except for being a bit too thick for my taste for everyday wear. Your blog is definitely an inspiration, and I've followed and plan to check back regularly! Please look at my new beauty blog if you get the chance, beautiful-southern-mess.blogspot.com and have a wonderful day!

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