Wednesday, November 2, 2011

**Halloween 2011**

For Halloween every year Jason and I go to Metro's Halloween Bash. It's one of the biggest parties they throw and it's a lot of fun. We also promote the event so we get VIP entrance which get's us skip-the-line admission and free drinks and shots all night. 
Me and Jamie went as Vampire's and Frank went as Pauly D from Jersey Shore lol
I didn't know this girl, but we took a pic together since we had the same corset on.

I bought these Vampire's Blood cups and decorated them myself for Jason and I since we were dressed up as Vampires that night :) To decorate them I bought some some Halloween tinsel stuff that had skulls on them and stuck them to the cup for Jason's and for mine I did the same thing but added crystals to it.
The red lipstick I had on lasted ALL night without having to re-apply. I was so impressed. I've never worn red lipstick before b/c I didn't think I could pull it off, but I think it looked pretty good on me, what do you think? The lipstick was a super cheap one from Wet n' Wild. After I applied it I dabbed some of MAC's Prep and Prime loose powder over it to set it. It didn't wash out the color, or dry my lips and you couldn't see the powder at all! I definitely recommend trying it if you want to keep your lipstick off your teeth :)

Me and the hubby ♥ 

How was your Halloween?


Gaby Fauchon said...

Are you kidding, of course you can pull off red lipstick! Love the costume, very sexy, you look gorgeous, as always!

Kim Axani said...

You look so good! Love that red lipstick on you, and your black and red eye makeup too. Looks like a fun night!

kaybee89 said...

girl, you look gooooooooooooooooooooooood ;) and that red lipstick look so good on you! i have such a hard time finding a good red lipstick that complements my skin tone, so my search continues until i find one that i can pull off as well as you!

Unknown said...

You look absolutely Fabulous doll..super sexy and gorgeous. And that Halloween party sounds amazing.

<3 Marina

Nandia said...

Hello honey!you look great!thank you so much for your sweet comment!!!!

lots of kisses!nandia!

Maryam Maquillage said...

you look absolutely stunning love!!! sooooo gorgeous, fierce, sexy and red hot!!! loooove your costume, makeup, hair, everything!!! :)

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