Thursday, October 13, 2011

Review - Merle Norman Powder Foundation VS. MAC's Studio Fix

I needed a new powder foundation since my MAC studio fix powder was running out and since that one was breaking me out and made my face oily by lunch time, I figured it was time to try another brand. A friend of mine raved about Merle Norman cosmetics and since they have a store right down the street from where I live I thought I would give it a try.

Ultra Powder Foundation
For all skin types.
Dual-function formula performs as a foundation and powder. Oil-absorbing pressed-powder makeup is great for oily skin and ideal for humid climates. Sheer to maximum coverage. Matte finish. Oil-free.     My color is the Ultra Cream and it's a perfect match to MAC's SF in NC 35                          

Price: This stuff is pretty expensive. 10grams for $30 whereas MAC's SF is 15grams for $26.50.

Performance: This foundation isn't as finely milled as MAC's but it does hold up longer. With SF I felt like my makeup was almost gone by lunch time since my T zone looked so oily. MN lasts throughout my 8 hours day without my face getting oily and when I get home it still looks pretty freshly applied. The coverage of this is good, but not as good as MAC's SF. I also feel like I have to use more of the MN foundation to get the coverage I'm looking for. It says that you can use this powder foundation wet for more coverage but I haven't tried that yet. 

Color Match: What I like about this brand is that they have a huge color selection. It's pretty hard for me to find a good match since I have a lot of yellow undertones and then when I have a natural tan it's more olive/yellow undertones. The ultra cream color is a perfect match for me. You literally can't tell where my skin starts and where the makeup ends. 

Overall: So would I repurchase this? Maybe. I do love how it matches my skin so perfectly, but I also wish it covered better without having to use so much. It wouldn't really be a big deal if it wasn't so pricey, but I can see myself running out of this pretty quickly since I use it every day for work. From what the sales associate told me about this product, it's the only powder foundation they offer with the most coverage. The rest of them are pretty sheer unless I want to switch to a liquid or cream formula. So overall I would reccomend this to those w/ oily skin and those who don't really need full coverage. I think for now, I will be on the look out for powder foundations  that can do all the things I need it too. Which is provide medium to full coverage, decent oily control and something that is yellow enough for me. 

Have any of you tried this makeup? Does anyone have any recommendations on a good buildable or full coverage powder foundation?


james said...

i totally need full coverage so i probably wouldn't buy this either. i do like that it matched you perfectly and it lasts long =) hope that you are well darling face!

x jamie


Kaleido Mind said...

always love reading reviews--thanks!!:)

Unknown said...

Yes completely agreed sometimes we need full coverage and this doesn't sound like it has it so it would be a definitely NO for me.

Great review doll..

<3 Marina

Jewelzie said...

I got here because I wanted to see how MAC and Merle Norman compare Foundation wise. I've heard so much about MAC and how good it is, but i LOVE my MN foundation. I use the Ultra power in Ultra Cream from Merle Norman. I absolutely love it. I use it every day myself. I don't prefer to wear a lot of makeup on my face and this feels perfect. I do know that it is pretty sheer, so to cover my blemishes I use Bed Head foundation stick (I'm not sure what the product is actually called) and blend that then apply the MN foundation as usual and it gives me that airbrushed finish i look for. I hope that helped.

Jmclucas said...

The best way to use merle Normans ultra powder is with a good foundation primer and a good powder brush. You could also use a bb cream for more coverage

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