Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Labor Day/Birthday Weekend ~ (pic heavy)

Despite the fact that I had to cancel my much anticipated Destin vacation for Labor day weekend I still had a really fun weekend. My husband was so sweet trying to make it fun for me knowing that I was disappointed about the trip and also because tropical storm Lee made the weather extra shitty all weekend. 

For starters he managed to score amazing club level seats for the Saints football game (I'm a huge football fan)

Saturday we went to the aquarium, since there wasn't anything we could do outdoors on account of the weather. Plus, I haven't been to the aquarium in years so it was lots of fun. On the way home we stopped by the mall and he got me a F21 gift card so I did a little shopping. 

Sunday Jason planned a birthday dinner for me at Zea's followed by Harrah's casino for some roulette. I won some money, lost more money, had a few drinks and did a little dancing. 
The waiter wasn't so good with the camera so it came out blurry :(
How funny is this gift bag my friend made me!? She taped my face onto this girl haha

Monday my parents took Jason and I out for some lunch in the city at Grand Isle restaurant. I completely forgot to take a pic of my food, I guess I was too excited to eat it and forgot lol, but it was pecan crusted catfish and fries, delish!

How was your labor day weekend?


Jen said...

Aw, sounds like you had really wonderful weekend w/ your hubby! I love aquariums! I could stay there for hours just gazing.

D.Sadie (D.G.S.Beauty) said...

Aww, i'm sorry your trip got cancelled but looksl ike you still had a great time. =) Happy belated bday.

deniz saatçioğlu said...

Hersey harika gorunuyor canim, yemekler, balıklar, ailen, kıyafetin. Belli ki cok keyifli bir gun olmus


BeautyBehaved said...

you & your man are so cute together(:
niceee outfit

<3 BB

Maryam Maquillage said...

awww your parents are tooooo cute!!! love all your pix and the love in them :))) sorry about Lee, that prankster ;p

Jenn said...

awwh you look great & looks like you enjoyed yourself! Happy Belated <3 xo

| C AND C | Sarmin said...

Happy belated birthday!
Very cool about the Football game. I never been, hopefully this year tho.
I can't remember the last time I went to the Aquarium. The penguins are freakin' adorable. What's with all these storms? Swear the the world is ending.


Gaby Fauchon said...

Awww pinguins! How cute! And LOL @ the gift bag ahah!

james said...


this looks like such a fun filled day with loved ones <3 perfection! and you are so beautiful my love!


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