Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Straw Dogs Pre-Screening Review

I went to a pre screening of Staw Dogs last night. This was the first time I've ever been to a pre-screening so I was excited, but mainly b/c the reviews of this looked pretty bad ass and scary! The movie was actually a remake which I had no idea about and the original is said to be pretty scary and the rape sceen in it caused a lot of controversy.

Movie comes out Friday the 16th

So on to the review: (Don't worry, I won't give it away for those that want to see it) I'm no movie critic, but I know what I like and this was not it. First of all, the movie took a really long time to get started. I guess it was trying to lay the groundwork of the story, but an hour later I found myself yawning. The movie is basically about this husband and wife who move to a rural town in Mississippi from California. It's the wife's home town and her husband is a writer, he thought going away to a quite town would be good for him since he's writting a documentary. Well right from the start there's this group of guys who start fu*king w/ him really bad. In the end (like literally the last 30-40 min of the movie) he has enough and gets his revenge on these guys.

My conclusion: So is this movie worth watching on the big screen? Definitely not IMO. It wasn't scary at all, it took a really long time for the action to start and the story line was pretty bland. The trailer make's it look MUCH better than it actually is. I would say this is more of a Redbox $1 rental.


Gaby Fauchon said...

I thought the trailer looked strange, but now I know I don't want to see it! I HATE movies that take a long time to get started. I rarely go to the movie theater anyway because I prefer to download movies and watch them in the comfort of my home. Less money wasted (:

james said...

my boo wanted to watch this really bad and i was like, "really? it looks corny!" and now he refuses to watch it because i thought the trailer looked corny lol. thanks for this mini review girl! and i love the Redbox but i alwayssss turn it in like 3 or 4 days late lol

hope your week is going well!


Anonymous said...

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