Friday, July 15, 2011

Review ~ Sonia Kashuk Flat Top Foundation Brush

After seeing all these flat top foundation brushes I thought it was time to upgrade my old faithful. I've been using my Essence of Beauty angled blush brush for at least 2 years now for foundation and while I do love it it sheds like crazy! Everytime I use it I end up with at least 7 to 10 little hairs on my face. I put up with it for so long because I love the beautiful airbrushed like effect it would give me. Before the EB brush I tried the MAC 109, that one was the worst; way to soft, streaky and shed. I also tried a standard flat foundation brush and did't like that one either; streaky, took too long to apply the makeup, definitely didn't give that airbrushed look... I digress; but I finally decided it was time to find a new HG and I think I have :)

This was my old foundation brush I was using. I now use it to apply cream blushes and highlighters.

Details: The hairs are super soft and very dense so it doesn't make your makeup go on streaky. I washed it before I used it and not a single hair feel out, nor was there any smell or color that came out of the brush. I dried it at an angle with the bristles pointing downward and it dried in the exact same shape it came in. The bristles weren't splayed out or anything of the sort. The shape of the brush is very sleek looking and comfortable to hold on to; it fits perfectly in the hand and the length of it also the standard size of most brushes.

How I apply my Foundation w/ it: I like to put my foundation on an old CD, this way I can mix colors If I need to.  I like to start with a slightly damp brush, you can use 1 or 2 sprays of fix + for this. Dab it into the foundation, the foundation sits right on top of the bristles so there is almost no waste and then I swipe it once across my forehead, chin, nose and at an angle from the inner corner of my eyes going outward. Then just blend it in using a swirling motion. I find that I need even less foundation when using this brush. The first time I used it I started off with my usual amount of foundation and It ended up being way too much, so If you decide to get this brush start off w/ a little less foundation than you normally would use.

Foundation on the left, swatched on and slightly blended out on the right edge. Swatch on the right is blended out.

Overall: I love this brush!! I think it does a fantastic job of applying liquid foundation. If you have a bigger face it might take you a little longer to apply your makeup because the diameter of this brush is small. But I think the size is what makes it perfect for precision application. It lets you get really close to the crease on the side of your nose and under your eyes. It also doesn't shed and it super soft so even those w/ the mot sensitive skin shouldn't have a problem with this brush. I would definitely recommend getting this one.

What do you use to apply your liquid foundation?


Donna said...

i love this brush.. this is exactly how i put on my foundation. i also clean it everyday and its super easy to clean :)

Ebru said...

The Essence brush sounds like an elf brush I used to use back in the day, I cannot stand shedding brushes even if they're cheap! I'm currently using Sigma F80 and really happy with it! :)

Sara S. said...

I always wanted to try that brush. I use the Sigma F80 and its amazing for foundation.

-New follower =D

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