Sunday, July 24, 2011

MAC Prep & Prime VS. Bare Essentuals Mineral Veil (Review)

 I've been using MAC's prep and prime as a finishing powder over my liquid foundation since it came out. It started off w/ a sample and I absolutely loved it. After I used my sample I immediately bought a full sized jar vowing to never use any other setting powder b/c I've found my HG. That is until my not so makeup inclined  friend gave me her unused Bare Essentials powder a few weeks ago since she said she would never use it. Score! After a few uses I thought I would compare the 2. 

MAC Prep & Prime: What I love about this is how you only need a little to set your makeup. It keeps you shine free for a good 8 hours and therefore your makeup looks as if you just applied it. It's also finely milled and really conceals your pores and minor imperfections to give you that air brushes affect. I think those with good skin could get away by just using this powder alone to keep from getting oily. However, what I don't like it that you CAN use too much of this and it will show up in flash photography. I didn't realize that till we went out one night and I looked at the pics the next day and you could see that there was a white cast under my eyes. (I usually apply  a little more to my under eye area to keep my liner from running)

Bare Essentials Mineral Veil: What I love about this product is that basically it does whatever the MAC prep and prime does but it seems almost impossible to use too much of this! It's even more finely milled than P&P and this one has a slight pink tint to it (I'm guessing to brighten up the complexion), but I think that it would still work on all skin tones. It looks beautiful in flash photography and also gives that airbrushed effect. The only downside to this powder is that it doesn't seem to work as well as the P&P in terms of lasting power. As I mentioned above P&P keeps your makeup looking fresh for a good 8 hours. BE keeps it fresh looking for maybe about 5-6 hours.

MAC P&P - left swatched heavily, right blended out

BE Mineral Veil- left swatched heavily, right blended out

P&P on top, BE. Both were blended out and taken w/ a flash. As you can see, the P&P gives off a white cast whereas the BE doesn't give off any

Overall: I love both of these equally, but when I don't need 8 hours of wear I will use the BE. For a long night out w/ lots of dancing? I'll have to go w/ my P&P because I know it will keep my face from getting shinny and will keep my makeup looking fresh.  I will just have to be more aware of how much I use b/c it CAN show up in pics even though it is said to be transparent. For both of these I use a duo fiber brush like the MAC 187. I use it to pick up the product just on the tip of the white hairs and it works well for a light application. Next time I go out, I'm going to try mixing them and see how that works.

Do any of you have either of these? What's your favorite setting powder for liquid foundation?


Unknown said...

Thanks for the review! I was on the fence about buying the MAC prep n prime cause I was afraid it might show up in flash photography =(

Lindsey said...

My fave setting powder is def clinique translucent. And I'm abotu to blog about it, but loving elf's translucent too!!

Unknown said...

Great review girl!!!

<3 Marina

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