Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Rejuvaderm MD ~ Review

It's been a little over a month now since I've been using the microdermabrasion wand  (PDM for short) and  I love it! I've been wanting to get a kit for a while now but thought it was too expensive, when I found a great deal on one for $119 I figured I would go for it. 

I use it about once to twice a week and use it on level 2 - there are 5 levels. It feels just the the one that they would use in the dr.s office. It has a strong suction and the tip feels like very fine grain sandpaper. What I love about this particular wand is that it comes with 2 extra heads. One for extraction for black and white heads and the other for infusion which is supposed to be used in conjunction with face cream to make it more effective. I haven't actually tried that one yet, but I love the first two. 

After using it for a few weeks I've noticed that my skin tone seems to be more even, which has always been my biggest issue. I have a bit of redness in my T-zone, but lately I've noticed an improvement. It may have something to do with my ROC moisturizer as well though (a review on ROC will be coming soon)

I've also noticed, that more pores don't seem as large, it could be because the suction is pulling out all the grime. After I use the microderm wand, I put on my ROC face cream along with about a pea sized amount of Retin A. Retin A is one of the best anti aging products out there, it can be drying on skin and cause it to peel so I only use it once or twice a week after I do the microdermabration. I figured it would be the most beneficial time since my skin is already super exfoliated at that point. 

Have you ever tried a PMD system before or had one done in a doctors office? Is so, what did you think?

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