Saturday, July 12, 2014

Splurge VS Steal - Céline Horizontal Cabas Zip Tote

I'm sure you guys have seen the Celine zipper tote all over the blog world by now. If you haven't, this is the one I'm talking about below. I know there was a frenzy to get the look-a-like one from Forever21 that was around $24 and a lot of people said they were sold out. I actually got the one from F21 and ended up returning it. I thought it was too big for my frame (I'm a size 0 for reference)

I believe the Celine tote retails for around $2,000 if i'm not mistaken.  While it is a gorgeous bag, I think that price tag is a bit outrageous for a simple leather tote with side zippers. 

You can get this dupe here for much less!
This one is $63 on while it's not leather, it still looks like pretty good quality and the overall rating was 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

If you would prefer leather you can get the one below from Etsy

This one is $95 and is handmade with Genuine leather.  It appears a bit smaller than the Celine, but for me that's a good thing.

Were you guys able to get the F21 dupe? Do any of you have the real deal?

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