Thursday, May 8, 2014

How to: Scrunch Bottom Bikini

So I only thought about doing a blog post half way through when I was making these bottoms, which is why there are so few pics. I will post the video I saw on youtube on how to make these at the end of this post.. Luckily they are super easy to make and only took me about 5 minutes from start to finish. 
Turning a regular pair of bikini bottoms into scrunch bottoms works especially well if your bottoms are a little too big, or if they got stretched out due to wear. 

 Mark a line down the middle as far down as you want it to go, the further down you go the more bottom cheek your going to show. This was my first go at it so I think I went a little too far down, but you get the idea. Also, you can remove the back liner if you want it to sit more flush against your skin. In the video the girl removes the back liner, I just left it alone in mine since I just plan on using these to tan in my backyard.

Just sew it straight down in an in and out motion and add a few extra stiches to the top when you start and the bottom when your down to secure it. It's super fast and easy and even if you never sewed before you can do it. 

Here's the youtube how to video. 

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Anonymous said...

awesome idea!! Thanks for posting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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