Saturday, January 4, 2014

Good Bye 2013, Hello 2014 :)

I hope everyone had a fabulous NYE! This year, as we always do, we got some friends together and headed down to Metro. It was a cold rainy night so we weren't able to carry out our original plans of watching the fireworks on the river and then going downtown, Metro ended up being a good plan B. Jason and I actually MADE money going there instead of spending it. More on that below haha

Here's a pic of what I wore. The cropped top and skirt were from F21

 My girls, Alyssa and Ashley
 Every NYE they have $1000 balloon drop. All this time I thought that meant that there was a 1 - $1000 ticket in one of the balloons. Turns out, it was broken into smaller amounts and the balloons are spread out over 3 rooms. The picture bellow was right when the clock struck 12, balloons and confetti quickly followed. 
 My first year to find one of the vouchers, which of course had me go on a wild goose chase to find more! I found 3 in all totaling $150. Jason, not to be out done, went looking for some too and found 2 totaling $100. One of the guys we were with found one for $100. I wonder what the highest denomination ticket they had...
 RumChatta shots, these are seriously the best! It tastes like sweet milk with cinnamon. 

How did you celebrate bringing in the New Year?

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