Thursday, October 10, 2013

Dresses! Work Outfit post

Now that I have a tan, (thanks vacay!) I've been wearing dresses a lot lately. Plus, we were in a heatwave for a while and the pants and blazer look has been too much lately. We still have to wear a blazer at work, but they don't really tell me anything when I take it off. 
 I ordered this dress off of Forever21's website. It was originally around $30 but it was on clearance for $19 with free shipping. I really like it, but the neck part is really small (even for my 13'' neck!)
I got this dress below at F21 too, it was on clearance for $15 and the fit is perfect! The back has a V that stops right above the bra strap so it's really flattering and super comfortable. 

I had originally wanted the blue version of this dress when I saw these on the clearance rack, but I couldn't find my size. I went back a week later to do some shopping and what do you know? I found the blue one and it was reduced down even further to $11! Yay!

Red dress is from F21 too
This tribal dress is also from. you guessed it, F21 too. This was around $14 I think. 

What's your usual work style?

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