Sunday, May 19, 2013

Oh Hey Saints Payers!

Ah yes, it feels good to go out again, hang with friends and do a little dancing. I work every Saturday so by the time I get off I'm tired and just want to stay home and watch a movie. Since I only worked half a day this past Saturday I though I would got out for a bit. 

My girl, Jessica

Alice in Wonderland shots. If you haven't had 'em your missing out! It's 1 part Southern Comfort, 1 part Amaretto and 1 part Grand Marnier. Whatever you do, don't have more than 2! It sneaks up on you.

The boys 
Gotta get that classy bathroom shot lol

Pics with New Orleans Saints players! So awesome cause I'm a huge fan, especially of the Saints. They had a VIP section 5 feet away from us. Chris Ivory is on the left, unfortunately he got traded. The Saints are retarded for not keeping him. He's a beast on the field and plays with so much heart. I told him that too that night. Unfortunately, I don't know who the guy on the right is =(. 

Do any of you watch football? Have you ever met any of the guys from your team?

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BeautyBehaved said...

glad you got a break this weekend, love the shoes to(:


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