Thursday, April 4, 2013

Burberry London Blazer - An Amazing Thrift Store Find!!

So I was at my local thrift store dropping off clothes and decided to check out the blazers there. I couldn't believe my eyes that there was an authentic Burberry white linen blazer just sitting there. I did a quick google seach on my phone to see what their blazers retail for and the cheapest I found was $450. 

 Signature Burberry print plaid pipping on the inseam

Made in Italy and serial number on the tag

It is missing a button, but I figured you could replace it with the very top button on the jacket

Unfortunatly the jacket is a size 8 and I wear a 2 so I will be selling it on eBay, But if any of you like it out there feel free to make me an offer :)


Miranda said...

wow, that is awesome!!

Gaby Fauchon said...

Wow, amazing find, especially since it is 100% linen!

james said...

hi sweetie! i'm so happy about this thrift find! i would wear it in a heart beat (if it was a size 2, too)! keep digging for treasures, babe! hope that you have been well :)

xx james

Miyan said...

i keep finding treasures at thrift stores and goodwill, too! it's so fun!

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