Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Stick on Nails ~ Review

Hi lovelies, I've been wanting to try out those sticker nails that have been pretty popular lately. I got this one from eBay for about $1.90 including shipping. 

They were really easy to apply, but on some of them it was hard to get the clear plastic coating off and when I would try to remove it it would start to tear at the nail sticker. Another negative I noticed is that it's pretty much impossible to not get at least a slight crease in the sticker as it conforms to your nail. Since the design I picked out it really elaborate you can't really tell unless you look closely but had it have been a more solid type design or color, then I think you would definitely be able to tell. 

The packaging says that it lasts 7 days. Lies! Mine started chipping within 24 hours and I even used my Seche Vite top coat. I also don't do any manual labor what so ever and I use gloves when I do the dishes. I still got chipping. 

This is day one through 4. As you can see it doesn't last anywhere near the 7 days it says. I took them off after 4 days even though they clearly needed to be removed sooner lol. To take them off I just pealed it off like a sticker. It came off pretty easily and in chunks but it did leave behind a sticky film, nothing that a little soap and water didn't fix. 

So, would I by these again? Definitely not, if they lasted a good 2 days without chipping then I would because I hate applying and re-applying nail polish but since regular polish chips just as fast on me I think I'll just stick to your standard bottle of polish.

Have you tried these before? Is there a good brand out there that doesn't chip as fast?


Honeylushy said...

I love the Sally Hansen salon effects, they have the cutest prints and really do last at least a week! Maybe the reason why yours chipped right away is because it was a cheaper brand, after all $3 is too good to be true :P

Lima said...

Oh my, what a pretty print! A shame it didn't last as long as they claimed! BOO! x

Gaby Fauchon said...

Funny, I was at Dollarama half an hour ago and I spotted some Revlon nail strips but I skipped on them because I never had a good experience with nail strips before - they always chip so fast and I am having such a hard time applying them! I'd rather simply use "normal" nail polish!

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