Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Vacay Snapshots

I got back from my Florida vacation on Monday, we had a great time and thankfully the weather was really good.  There was some seaweed in the water, but nothing too bad. Here are some pics from our trip. 

This is where we stayed - Ramada Beach Plaza Resort

Swim up grato bar

Angela reppin' the Saints

This was at Swamp. They had an awesome band
Angela's b/f on stage. 
They had a contest on who could get the rubber band off the plunger the fastest lol

Toes in the sand and drink in hand
Mile high nachos at McGuire's. They 4 of us barely put a dent in it.
Catching some waves

Definitely can't wait to go back next year. 


Tali said...

Great photos (LOL at the rubber band game) Looks like a great holiday!! xx

Alisa Marie said...

Looks like a super fun Vacay!

Unknown said...

BEAUTIFUL....Have fun doll.

<3 Marina

james said...

ahhh! love these photos! i wish i was there, too! looks like so much fun! hope you guys get to go back soon <3

xx, james

Unknown said...

Great pictures! I would also LOVE to go to Florida, it's so nice there!

| C AND C | Sarmin said...

Looks like you guys had tons of fun-ness! If I were there, I would have totally helped with finishing of that nacho plate. How did the tanning come along?

Tiina A said...

Looks like you had a really nice time there!
Never been to Florida in summer. We stay in Miami South Beach for one month every winter - i love it.

Cassandra Too said...

Beautiful pictures! Bet you had a great time!
backtofive's twitter

xoxo backtofive

Miyan said...

great photos, that swim up bar looks enticing! haha! sounds like fun, never been to florida but cant wait to go one day!!


Samantha said...

The beach looks really nice. I must visit the wrong parts of Florida cause the water never looks that blue.

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