Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Nivea Misses

Some of you may already know that I really love Nivea products. However these 3 were definitely a disappointment. Read below to see my review.

I found myself having really drying skin lately so I thought this body lotion would be perfect since it's really thick. Wrong!
Sorry for the not so clear pics above
As you can see, the second ingredient is mineral oil. I always try to stay away from mineral oil because it doesn't really do anything for you skin. The particles of it are too large to be absorbed so it just sits on top of your skin and doesn't let your skin breath. Not only that, it's also greasy. I actually used about half the bottle of this stuff wondering why it wasn't do anything for my skin until I turned it over and saw that it had mineral oil in it. I always check the back of stuff like this to make sure it doesn't, but I guess I missed it this time. So basically this stuff didn't do anything for my skin besides leave it feeling greasy and still dry the next day. It was also kind of difficult to blend in which I didn't like either. Definitely will not repurchase.

I had high hopes for these makeup wipes and I especially loves that they are fragrance free and textured. However, the biggest disapointment is that they are not wet enough. I always store my wipes in a cool dry place and always upside down so that the moisture goes towards the ones that you would end up pulling first. Even the very first wipe in the pack was not wet enough. and before I could even take off all my makeup, the wipe was practically dry. I actually needed 2 wipes to get the job done, but I still didn't feel like my face was fully clean enough so I just washed it with soap. 

I won't be purchasing these again since the whole point of makeup wipes is to remove makeup, it doesn't matter how great it's ingredients are if it can't perform the main task it's supposed to. I plan on trying Neutrogena's makeup wipes next since I love their eye makeup remover and I've heard good things about their wipes. 

When I first opened this I expected it to be a rich and super creamy body lotion that would leave my skin feeling silky smooth and moisturized. Well it was just that...for 5 minutes. After that my skin was so dry as I didn't apply anything on at all. It's a shame because I love the texture of this, It's really creamy and easy to blend in and smells so good, but it didn't really do anything for my skin. 

Have any of you tried these products? What's your favorite body lotion and makeup wipes?

Mini Rant: How annoying is the new captcha? Ok, maybe it's not that new because I think blogger changed it a few weeks ago, but I can't stand it! I find myself commenting on blog posts less when I have to type that thing in. Grrr. Ok I'm done.


Megalina said...

Ah, I hate mineral oil too! I never understand why people slather themselves in Vaseline. It doesn't moisturize at all. It only creates a barrier between your skin and water, basically making your skin waterproof. It does nothing to hydrate it! I'm glad you feel the same way too haha.

Gaby Fauchon said...

I haven't really tried anything from Nivea for some reasons... well maybe none of their products really appealed to me? Now I'm interested in their natural range but apparently they aren't very natural...

I will never understand why they make wipes that aren't wet enoough. What's the point of buying wipes if you have to wet them yourself? HATE THAT!

That's a shame for that last cream, like you said, it looks so thick and creamy!

I totally agree with the new Captcha. I think I will stop commenting on blogs that have it on. There are other ways to moderate your comments, like moderate them manually, like I do!

KelliMakeup said...

I've tried that lotion and I had the exact same reaction to it...I love my Nivea but what a disappointment!

james said...

oh my goodness. good to know, babe!! my favorite body lotion is by Jergens :) and as far as makeup wipes, is it bad that i dont use any?! and omg girl yesss i hate that new word verification thing. yuck! hope you have a good weekend, sweetie!

love, james

Maryam Maquillage said...

thanks for this review love, I appreciate your honesty :))

alicia said...

right now I'm using nivea's firming lotion with coq10. hopefully it helps! haha

Unknown said...

I agreed with you girly specially on the very first one. The lotion is way to thick not cool at all.

Great reviews as always gorgeous.

<3 Marina

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