Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August in Pictures

I've really been enjoying doing these month in pictures posts'. It's a good way to sum up what I've been up to and you know what I've learned from this one? Scroll to the bottom to see.

Jason and I along with another couple did a double date at Rembrandt 
I found this cute little kitten in the parking lot at my work ^-^
Tokyo House was having a special that night and some things on their menu were half off. Jason and I definitely took advantage!
I forgot to take a pic of the finished product, but this was super easy to make. It's cream of mushroom chicken w/ rice.
I've been making a lot of green bean casserole lately. I'm pretty much obsessed with it.
I've been wearing this lipgloss a lot lately. It's by Neutrogena
We went to Outback for a late b-day dinner for Jason, I of course had to get my favorite drink. A roadhouse Roadie.
Chloe! she's so cute and sweet. She's my MIL's dog and if she ever got out I would totally steal her! I ♥ her
Me and my bestie taking a pic in the bathroom, classy lol
Hot mocha coffee and a good magazine...Wishing it was fall already.
Jason took me out to Stingrays restaurant insisting that they have the best calamari ever. Um, negative. It was so deep fried that there wasn't any taste of calamari left; and yes, all that food was for 2 people haha.

So what did I learn from this month in pics? I eat a lot lol


Gaby Fauchon said...

Kitty, sushis, doggie... awww <3

BeautyBehaved said...

love these(: fun to see
did you keep the kitty? hows she doinn?

<3 BB

| C AND C | Sarmin said...

I don't like cats, but I do like kittens. Did you end keeping it? I haven't had sushi in so long, I forgot its taste. I swear, you have the best body for bodycon skirts. & is your friend smoking in the bathroom? WHAT? We can't smoke in our clubs/bars. Life is amazing when you are curl up with a good magazine, & in my case chocolates.


Jenn said...

Loving your blog!! Your kitty is just sooooo adorable :))

<3 Thanks for following!!

pretty affairs said...

mmm, i like sushi ;) and what happened to the kitty? did you keep it? i hope it has a lovely home now x

MaviDeniz said...

I ended up giving the kitty away. The hubs has allergies so I couldn't keep it. The woman I gave it to has 2 daughters and they love animals, plus they have experience w/ raising newborn kittens so I'm sure they will provide a great home for her :)

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