Friday, March 25, 2011

I Heart Nude!

I've been really obsessed with all things nude lately. It's definitely looks like this season's biggest trend. From outfits

to shoes and nails

I think nude can be pretty easy to pull of, unless of course your very pale in which case I think a darker nude/tan would look better. I think every girl should own a pair of classic nude pumps. Especially if your short, such as myself. Im 5'3 so I love wearing nude shoes to make my legs look longer. Works like a charm ;) most people think im taller than I really am.

Jessica simpson makes some amazing shoes that are pretty comfortable and all of them seem to be at least 4 inches high and priced under $120 (not including their boots).


Vanessa said...

do you have a favorite nude lipstick? I'm looking for one but I'm sort of stuck haha, I can't choose just one!!

MaviDeniz said...

Revlon makes a really good one called soft nude.

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